Terms & Conditions

Payments - All payments must be made in full when collecting your dog and before the dog leaves the salon premises, whether it be paying by cash, bank transfer or PayPal.

Cancellations - We require 48 hours' notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Failure to turn up without prior notification will result in a charge of 50% of the grooming costs to cover staff costs and revenue loss, and an advance payment of £15 to secure your next appointment.

Additional Charges - Prices are a guideline and are based on a dog that conforms to the following: average size, average coat, regularly groomed and cooperative behaviour. Most dogs have a recommended regular grooming cycle of every 6-8 weeks. If your dog is not groomed within the recommended time scale for its breed, additional charges may apply to cover extra time spent on your dog. Additional charges may also apply for non-standard breed size. Additional charges may also apply to a longer than expected groom, depending on the reason. Additional charges may also apply to any changes of style/specification you decide to make that are different to your normal grooming routine.

Hand Stripping & Scissor Work - For all hand stripping and scissor work this will need to be discussed with the groomer.

Before Your Visit - Please ensure that your pet has been to the toilet before arriving at the salon.

Flea Policy - your groomer will check for fleas during the pre-groom consultation and will advise you if your dog needs to be treated. Any dog found to have fleas will go straight into a flea-bath with special shampoo to remove the fleas. The salon will also need to be treated to prevent cross contamination and therefore there will be an additional £10 charge per dog to cover the extra costs involved. You will be advised to treat your pet and your home environment to eradicate the problem.

Matted Coats - We have a non de-matting policy, in compliance with the Animal Welfare Act (2007) section 5 which states that 'All animals are to be protected from pain, injury, suffering and disease'. Attempting to brush out heavy matting can lead to a great deal of discomfort for a dog. Instead, we will at all times advise clipping to remove the matted and damaged coat. If your pet has become matted, we will require your permission to clip before we begin the groom. Where pets are heavily matted, an additional charge of up to £15 to remove the coat will apply on top of the regular groom price. Please also be aware that your dog may have sores and cuts from where the matting had been.

Ear plucking - This will only be done prior to a letter of recommendation from your vet. Extra charges will apply depending on how long the process takes.

Anal Glands - We do NOT empty anal glands. We believe this is a veterinary procedure.

Accidents - Grooming equipment is sharp. There is always the possibility that an accident could occur even though we use extreme caution and care in all situations. Possible problems that could occur include cuts, nicks, scratches and quicking of the nails. In most cases this can happen when a dog is wiggling or moving around. We make every effort to ensure your dog is groomed as safely as possible, but if your dog does not accept the process it can be dangerous to continue the groom.

Pregnant Dogs - Pristine Dogs does not accept pregnant bitches for grooming. Please also advise us if your bitch has not been spayed when making a booking.

Pre-existing Conditions - Your groomer may uncover evidence of a health issue while grooming your pet and will always advise you of any further recommended actions i.e. visit to the vet, dietary requirements etc.

Health & Behaviour - Please provide a full account of any health issues, allergies or behavioural challenges relating to your dog. These notes are very valuable to us to give us a clear picture of your dog before we begin to groom.

Aggressive dogs - While we have a great deal of experience and success in the grooming of difficult dogs, we reserve the right to muzzle your dog. We reserve the right to halt the grooming process should a dog becomes aggressive to the point of being a danger to staff or to his or herself. Full or part of the grooming charge may still apply.

Groom Specifications - We groom each dog to the owner's specifications, as far as the dog will tolerate and the coat condition and type allows. We will always place a dog's welfare, safety and peace of mind above adherence to a particular style. If we are unable for any reason to groom to the exact style requested by the owner, we will endeavour to contact the owner and agree upon a suitable alternative style. We will groom your pet to your specifications which will be discussed in the pre-groom consultation. If you are sending your pet in with a friend or family member, please send written instructions or give us a quick call to confirm your requirements. This eliminates any confusion which can occur when receiving a client's wishes 'second hand'.

Collecting Your Dog - Please only collect your dog when advised by your groomer. If your dog sees you, they naturally become excited and it may risk your groomer having to consider the groom finished for safety reasons.

Photographs - Occasionally we take photos of each dog before, during and after the groom, which we keep on file to assist us in future grooms. We may use some of these photos when advertising our services. Most clients enjoy seeing their pet featured. Please let us know beforehand if you do not wish your pet's photos to be made public.

Alterations - If, after the groom is complete, there is anything about the groom that you would like altered, please advise your groomer accordingly before you leave the salon. We are never offended by timely requests to make minor changes.

Nails - We will maintain a dogs nails as long as the dog allows it. This is a complimentary add on when a dog is at the salon for a full groom, bath and dry.

Treatment Of Staff - Pristine Dogs groomers work extremely hard, and care for each dog as if they were their own. Any abusive language or behaviour towards groomers or other visitors to the salon will not be tolerated.

By leaving your dog with Pristine dogs and allowing Pristine Dogs to go ahead and groom your dog, you are agreeing to the above terms and condition.